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Tayledras Language

Common Phrases

Fi'zhai - Warm winds (greeting)
Ge'teva -- on the order of 'zowie' or 'dude'! (exclamation)
Hai'yasha -- on the order of 'my goodness!' (exclamation)
Keren'sel -- Bright be the Day (literally, "bright the day") (Greeting)
k'ren'fa -- affectionate nickname; translates roughly to Bright Eyes
Milas -- You're welcome
Shethka -- literally, excrement (exclamation)
Tokast -- Thank You
Zhai'helleva - Wind to thy Wings (farewell)


cres'tachen -- available(usually for hotsprings)
shay'a'chern -- literally, "one whose lover is like self"; gender-wise.
shay'kreth'ashke - lifebonded partner
v'shenya -- occupied(usually for hotsprings)


gh'aen -- she
gh'el -- he
gh'rae -- you
gh'tan -- I
gh'sho -- they
gh'shan -- we


alen'fe -- feather offered to a potential mate
alshoa -- soul
alsh'sh'aen -- soul-sister
alsh'sh'el -- soul-brother
alsh'sha - soul-sibling
ashke -- beloved
bern -- right
bren'an -- the rope ladder used on ekeles.
eshlen -- to take the tree-path.
ekele -- The physical home of a Tayledras. Ekeles are built up in the trees, around the trunk, at varying levels from the ground. Access to the structures in by rope ladders, which can be drawn up to prevent others from entering while the owner is away.
fi'orlys -- fire
farn -- left
hen -- urge (to have a)
hellev -- wings
inzari -- hated foe
k'aen -- woman
ka'erste -- the area around the Heartstone shielded for working.
k'el -- man
ke'leeka -- one's own child
ke'leeka'aen -- one's daughter
ke'leeka'el -- one's son
ke'leeka'alen -- one's own bondbird, but only while young
kreth'alen'fe -- feather offered to a lifebonded mate
Laerth -- darkness
leeka -- child
leeka'aen -- female child
leeka'alen -- young bondbird
leeka'el -- male child
leshy'a -- spirit
loshra -- friend
na'aen -- mother
na'el -- father
sa'alen -- that moment where the bondbird and Tayledras bonds.
sel-- day
shayana -- wingsib
sh'aen -- sister
shef'a -- here
sh'el -- brother
raka -- tree
v'fi - large or bonfire
v'raka -- BIG tree
v'raka'kele -- tree which holds an ekele
v'raka'kele'shren -- to climb an ekele tree (to go home)
Vale -- The area inside which the clan lives, surrounded by a magical barrier or "curtain". The seasons and landscape inside are magically altered to suit the needs and desires of the clan, including features such as large open areas for clan gatherings, as well as smaller, more secluded areas, sometimes with bathing pools, where the clan may relax, either in groups or alone, as it pleases them. Each Vale has a Heartstone at its center, which it was constructed around.
voorthayshen -- Clan Keep; gathering or central place
waten -- result, end product, solution
zhai -- winds


en -- the
vran -- about


ceten'a -- to encounter
ceten'alsh -- roughly love at first sight (literally, to encounter your soul.)
eshlen'a - to take the tree-path. To walk above the forest floor, in the canopy, using a specialized tools.
eskal'a -- to run a scout circuit
fi'lys'a -- to fire(a weapon, a bow or such)
hentach'a -- to sit
j'larg'a -- to walk
kes'a -- to stop
ken'a -- to give
ken'fe'a -- to give a feather
ken'alen'fe'a -- to give a bondbird's feather
keren -- bright
ktren'a -- to make
lfaen'a -- to join
lenor'a -- to do
menas'a -- to eat
nekot'a -- to fix
nekot'fe'a -- to imp in or fix a broken feather
oefl'a -- to sleep
pren'a -- to mate
sa'a -- to work magic
safaen'a -- to work a healing magic
sashon'a -- to work a defensive magic
sakaten'a -- to work an offensive magic
s'enend' -- to feel sorrow for a loved one
senk'a -- to play
shal'a -- to go
shren -- to climb or ascend
tuv'a -- to run
untar'a -- to have

Example conjugation -
I - eshlenya
He, She, It - eshlen'yas
You - eshlen'yavak
They - eshlen'ta
We - eshlenyav


alsh' -- suffix relating to souls
fi' -- relating to heat
k' -- individual being
k'(+capitalized clan name) -- from the Vale/Clan of (clan)
ka' -- heartstone
ke' -- individual being, very familiar
na' -- parent
sa' -- magic
sh' -- sibling
shay' -- self

v' -- big, tall, or full


'aen -- female
'alen -- relating to bondbirds
'chern -- lover
'chara -- student
'el -- male
'erste -- relating to shields
'fe -- relating to feathers
'kele -- pertaining to an ekele
'kreth -- life-long (lasting a lifetime)
'shenya -- pertaining to the hotsprings commonly around a Vale.


BASILISK -- rather large beast that is too ugly for words and smells worse. Can only move it with prodding - killing it will only leave it to rot. Tends to have LARGE clutches. Torpid in low temperatures. Omnivorous.
HERTASI -- lizard-like beings with a penchant for matchmaking that serve as helpmeets for the Tayledras. This race has mages. Vegetarians.
KYREE -- a wolflike beast, tending to den with others, having a written language. They could probably beat you at chess. Very long -lived. This race has mages. There are 3 kyree sexes...female, male, and neuter. Omniverous.
TERVARDI -- a kind of flightless bird-human, delicate and plumaged usually in white. This race has mages. Vegetarians.
WYRSA -- a magic-born mix of serpant and hound that travels in packs, is very intelligent, creates and uses a deadly poison, and mezmerizes its prey. An efficient killer. Carniverous.
COLDDRAKE -- a huge beast like a snake with short legs with a wish to kill everything and lets its young take over. Can mesmerize. Carniverous.