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|| Player Information ||
Name: Riddle
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|| Character Information ||
Fandom: The Mage Storm trilogy by Mercedes Lackey.
Name: Healing-Adept Firesong k'Treva
Canon Point: After he is disfigured in Storm Breaking.
History: Winds of Fate
Winds of Change*
Winds of Fury
Storm Warning
Storm Rising
Storm Breaking*

Winds of Change is lacking, but all you need to know is Firesong was one of Elspeth's teachers. And, in Storm Breaking, the summary doesn't refer to his disfigurement, so feel free to glance at this to fill in some of the holes.
Personality: Upon his first appearance in the Mage Wind trilogy, Firesong was proud, headstrong and willing to do what it took to get what he wanted. Generally speaking, when he wasn't focusing on healing the land, what he wanted was to be lavished with companionship of the romantic variety. He would give feathers* to those Tayledras he found particularly attractive (all of them were male) and they would share his bed in his ekele* for as long as he desired their company. Then, as his mood - or his attraction - shifted, he would give out another feather and the cycle would repeat. In fact, it wasn't until Winds of Fury that he truly experienced being alone in that capacity, yet being unable to satisfy his desire taught him an important lesson: those around him should not be treated as ways to pass his time or warm his bed. He should care for his friends more than that. More importantly, he should consider their feelings before his own - which was a revelation for the Healing-Adept.

However, by the time Firesong surfaces in the Mage Storm trilogy, it's clear that he is still a proud Mage who continues to struggle with basic relationship concepts. He experiences jealousy when he thinks An'desha, a Shin'a'in Mage, has romantic feelings for someone else and he causes irreversible damage (which practically ensures they do not have a lasting romance) because he lets his jealousy get the best of him. Yet Firesong grows and learns from the experience and he realizes, once again, that he more or less blinded himself to An'desha's feelings and allowed himself to be selfish. Thus, no matter how new Firesong is to caring for another (probably thanks to his early seclusion while he worked on the Vale's Magical Nodes), he isn't incapable of change and, thanks to meeting those like Elspeth, Skif, Darkwind and Nyara, he is able to examine himself and realize where he is lacking - if his emotions don't get the better of him.

However interpersonal relationships - or the lack thereof - are only one side of Firesong's personality. The other side consists of the Tayledras Healing-Adept. Since he was but a child (10 years old), Firesong has worked on the Magical Nodes in the Vale. He is one of the few Mages who possesses the powers to help seal the cracks in the Heartstone (i.e. the source of all Magical power in the Vale). Thus it's no wonder that while in the midst of chaos or a battle, he is quite calm and sure of himself. He is also an excellent teacher - as seen with how he tutors Elspeth - because he can be strict when he needs to be and patient when he doesn't.

Yet some of his confidence in his abilities - as well as most of his confidence in pursuing romance - was shattered during one of the Mage Storms in Storm Breaking. Firesong always took particular pride in his appearance. He would ornament himself to perfection and even go so far as to make ornaments for his white firebird, Aya. But, after being burned and scarred by one of the Storms, Firesong softened. He no longer flaunts his beauty or thinks he is invincible. In fact, he tends to prefer the ornamented Tayledras masks and concealing robes.

But make no mistake. He is as powerful as ever even if the battles of romance and war have scarred him. Wounds can be lessons too.

*a practice which lets someone know you desire them/want them in a sexual capacity.
*a Tayledras home.

Skills | Powers: He is a member of the highest rank of Mage: Healing-Adept. This means he can heal the land itself and restore it to what it was before it was damaged (a land can be damaged in a number of ways - but most of them (if not all of them) trace back to someone misusing or draining a land of its Magic somehow). In order to heal the land, he works one on one with the Nodes and Leylines that are generally connected to the Heartstone. To do so is highly dangerous, but Firesong is one of the few Mages of his generation that knows what he is doing.

He has also, like his fellow Tayledras, bonded with a bird - a white firebird - named Aya. He can speak to him mind to mind (Mindspeech). But he can also speak to other creatures and even humans mind to mind as well.

Additionally, though this too is apart of protecting and healing a land, Firesong can use the power in Nodes and Leylines to cast elemental spells. He is usually quite flamboyant with his powers - mainly because he doesn't get to cast often - so it's particularly noticeable when Firesong enters a fray.

If a land lacks Magic or has been drained to a point where very little can be found, he can sense the sickness of it and his mood will darken in response - which is not unlike the reaction a Healer would have if their patient took a turn for the worse.

First Person Sample: [A striking ornamental mask will take up most of the frame for a moment. At least until the person steps back. There are two piercing blue eyes peering at the screen from within the mask and, as the person tilts their head, strands of white hair can just be seen.]

I did not realize my wounds were so great. [The voice is most obviously male, though he chooses to keep his face hidden.] And here I thought I was healing as well.

[With a faint sigh, he glances away, more of his perfectly white hair tumbling over his shoulder as he does so.]

I suppose I should introduce myself: I am Firesong k'Treva and I desire to speak to one called Silverfox if he has followed me.

[He has a sinking feeling that he hasn't.]

Hai'yasha, I am not ready for this change. There have been far too many changes already. [Subtly, he adjusts his mask and closes his eyes.] Vai datha. This is out of my hands. I cannot even reach my bird.

Third Person Sample: Loneliness. Firesong thought he had experienced it before, yet all of those situations paled in comparison to the one he was in now. Death surrounded him; he could sense it on the air and within the land. Life did not flourish in this Tartarus and he found himself sickened by the emptiness of it all.

As he walked along the shore of a strange and ominous river, Firesong paid no heed to how his robes trailed on the ground. His entire focus was on finding something - one redeeming quality - about his new home. If he could find something to cultivate; something to help grow, perhaps he could live within the confines of Tartarus without going mad.

Yet there was nothing and his heart ached. Stretching out his hands, he leaned down, carefully and picked up a handful of sand. It too lacked the sparkling beauty he had come to identify with the grains. Narrowing his eyes, he let the sand slip through his fingers and fall back to the ground.

Was this to be his home? Was he supposed to forget about what he had had before?

For what reason; what had he done to deserve this?

Anger welled within, pushing away the pain the last Mage Storm had caused. Yet there was nothing to vent it on. Here there was no Falconsbane or Ancar or a Cataclysm in the making; here he was faced with an entirely new situation - a situation that called for him to be cool and calm as he searched for answers. Yet that was the last emotion he felt. He wanted vengeance; he wanted someone to pay for taking him away from Silverfox and the beginning of his new life.

But there was no one and he was well-aware of that fact. He would have to face this situation alone and feel a desolation that, oddly, made him feel much closer to his powerful ancestor, the one and only Vanyel Ashkevron.

Marks: He will have a P (for pride) carved on the skin over his heart. Firesong's pride has gotten him into many problems in the past (see most of his romantic relationships aside from his connection with Silverfox). Though he is learning how to be a better person, he spent most of his life letting his pride guide and blind him.